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BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION: Agily activate© programme

To achieve significant and sustainable competitive advantage and deliver continuous performance improvement, enterprises are facing the imperative to transform themselves.

Our research show that Agile companies exhibit superior business value relative to their industry groups and improve their investment profile.[1]


higher earnings per share


higher net


higher return on assets


higher revenue growth


Organisations flourish when business processes are streamlined; employees engaged; contributions towards strategic objectives are visualised.

Agile team leadership encourages:

  • Employee engagement and alignment to business objectives
  • Team collaboration across generations, functions and geographies
  • Continuous performance management with feedback and coaching
  • Maximising business opportunities and synergies with partners across the value chain
  • The optimal workplace environment for Millennials

Our extensive experience taught us that managers often need extra help to successfully deliver organisational change.

Programme overview

Discover Agily activate© our innovative leadership and business transformation programme, powered by our proprietary Agily team productivity software.

Equipped with agile leadership principles and tools, your team can deliver successful organisational change and improve business performance within three months.

In a typical 360o review style, the programme kicked off with:

  • an assessment of the team challenges and objectives
  • a review of your team strenghts and engagement
  • a research of your clients and partners needs and feedback.

The research findings contributed to second phase design which is composed of one or multiple workshops. Agily3 experts mentor and coach the team to confirm the diagnostic and design an action plan. Team members are trained to use ad-hoc tools and methodologies.

The practice phase starts with a commitment of the team to deliver a set of improvement goals. They are coached by Agily3 team to keep the focus on the programme strategic objectives.

The project is completed with a benchmark research to close the loop with the 360o review and evaluate the outcomes and the impact of the transformation and culture shift.

Need help developing innovative leadership and improving the workplace?

Agily activate© programme is designed for managers and includes:

  • Blended agile leadership training and coaching.
  • Practice of goal setting methodology using agily team productivity software. The app acts as a transformation catalyst by setting learning goals and monitoring progress.

Results? Within three months, transformation capacity is built, contemporary leadership practices adopted and team productivity improved. Once Agily activate© programme is completed, the app will continue to support ongoing team development, productivity and business performance.

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