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Agily app create actions (video)

This video will show you how to add actions to your goal to monitor non metric progress.

To add actions you need to be the goal owner or delegate.

Visualise your goal detailed card.

Scroll down to the “Actions” section and click on the “Plus” icon on the right hand side.

It opens a pop-up window to create an action.

Give the action a short title and a description.

Add a due date for the action to be completed.

Score the action priority from 1 “very low” to 5 “very high”. Apart from informing you directly when you see an action, this score will be used to weight action completion in the goal progression bar, when using an action based goal instead of a metric based one.

And last but not least, select who is responsible to execute it. By default it’s the goal delegate but you can delegate the action to someone in your team, another team or even a contractor or a provider in the value chain.

Click on Create Action. It appears under the “Actions” section of your goal.

Let's visualise your action list.

In your Goals section, click on the tab “My Actions”

A list of your actions is displayed with those to be completed on top by chronological order.

Click on the action title to display details.

Check the box to mark a completed action.

Information and status are consistent between your action list and on the goal card.

Now that we have added actions to a goal we’ll find out how we can report it through a playbook in the next video.