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Agily app create playbook (video)

This video will show you how to add goals to a playbook and share progress.

A playbook is a report which displays a set of goals. It is dynamically refreshed each time a goal is updated.

A goal can be added to multiple playbooks.

Find a goal you want to report from your goal or team goals. To add a goal to a Playbook click on the “More” icon and select “Add to Playbook”.

Displayed is a list of Playbooks you have previously created.

You can add the goal to an existing Playbook by clicking on the blue checkbox icon or to a new Playbook by clicking on the “Create Playbook” button.

When creating a Playbook, give it a short title and a description

Add viewers or share it across your entire organisation.

Click on the “Create Playbook” button.

The playbook is displayed in its expanded version with its corresponding goals.

The expanded Playbook is in fact a detailed progress report on goals that you and your team can use to manage your objectives.

By clicking on the “Pencil” icon on the Playbook card you can edit the playbook description, list of viewers and list of goals.

Remember that to add a goal to a playbook you have to do it from the goal card.

Now that we have reported and shared our goals we’ll find out how we can have useful discussions focused on business topics in the next video.