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Agily app goals overview (video)

This video will give you an overview of the goals.

From the main navigation menu click on Goals.

Your goals are displayed under “My Goals” tab.

The “Team Goals” tab lists all goals that you have permission to see but have someone else as the delegate. The tabs “My Actions” and “Templates” will be covered in a separate video.

Goals are displayed in a compact card which shows their title, delegate, last update time and progression among some other icons.

When a card is pressed an expanded view of all its information is displayed. Now the goal has a description and a detailed metric graph.

Actions and Comments related to the goal are displayed here too.

Other Information is displayed at the bottom such as the goal owner, delegate and reporter or who else is able to see it.

The goal owner, delegate and reporter can update the data displayed on the graph by clicking on the “Show data” button.

Now that we understand goal, let’s create one ourselves. There are three ways of creating a goal: by duplicating another goal, from a template or from scratch.

We’ll find out how you can create a goal from scratch in the next video.