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Agily app update goal metric values (video)

This video will show you how to add data to your goal metric and enter a quick update.

To enter data you need to be the goal delegate or reporter.

Click on the goal card you want to update and on the button “Show data”.

The data is displayed as a table with four columns: period, target (or limit), actual and forecast (your estimate of where you will be landing).

To input data, click on the cell and enter the value.

Consider how you want to monitor your goal: on a period by period basis or in a cumulative way.

Once done, click on the button “Update” and the chart will be updated.

You can quickly enter an actual value using the orange icon on the top right of the graph.

Select the period, enter the actual value and add a comment. Click on the “Set” button and the graph is updated. Your comment is displayed below the graph.

Now that we have updated a goal we’ll find out how we can add actions to it in the next video.