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Agily overview

What is Agily?

Combining an agile management by objective approach with the ability to visualise business performance in real time, Agily helps managers and their teams manage goals, report on progress and collaborate.

Whilst optimising the organisational alignment and employee engagement, Agily ultimately improves business competitiveness and growth.

Offered as a subscription-based Solution as a Service, it requires no complex set-up and is available on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Agily is structured around your and your team's goals

Goal card - Compact view

goal compact card

Goal card - Detailed view

goal detailed card
  • Create and share your goals: you can set up your own goals and share them with your manager and colleagues. You can share your goals with employees across department and even with people outside of your organisation, such as customers and contractors.
  • Flexible teams: your team is composed of all the people who share goals with you or with whom you share yours. It isn't constrained by your organisational structure. Team members evolve throughout time, as you or others delegate or share goals.
  • Associate actions with goals: actions contribute towards the goal delivery. They have a deadline and someone responsible for their delivery.
  • Delegate goals and actions: when you create a goal or an action by default you are responsible of its delivery and your name is indicated on the card. You can delegate it to someone else. It will automatically appear under the person's list of goals or actions.
  • Monitor progress in real time: in business, everything that counts should be counted. Therefore, to monitor progress, a goal can be associated with a metric, for instance "monthly sales in thousands of pounds".
  • Progress is visualised in two ways:
    • through a progression bar on the goal compact card.
    • through a graph in the goal detailed card, comparing actual values against a target (or a budget). Forecast values can be added.
    • In both cases, a comment can be added to provide information on the latest metric.
  • Alternatively, progress can be measured through the completion of a list of actions.

Dynamic reporting with Playbooks

For reporting, goals can be collected inside Playbooks which are dynamically updated when goal metrics are.

Playbooks are represented in two ways:

  • as a compilation of goal progression bars in the compact view. Goals that require attention are identified through the Red Amber and Green coding.
  • as a succession of goals with detailed information - including metric graph and list of actions - in the detailed report view.

Playbook - Compact view

playbook compact card

Playbook - Detailed view

playbook detailed card

Discussions in real time

The solution encourages online and offline discussions on progress and real time feedback, transparency within the team and ultimately employee accountability and engagement.

Message your colleagues in real time:

  • Post messages on goals: share your comments, ask and answer questions, record a decision related to a goal.
  • Create a channel of discussions for your team or project. Record in one place all the discussions that are important for your team.

Discussion - Compact view

discussion compact card

Discussion - Detailed view

discussion detailed card

The home page keeps you updated

The Home page keeps you updated with what is happening in your team: goals, playbooks and discussions are represented by cards. Most recent goals and discussions are displayed on top.


Intuitive interface

Agily solution is conceived as "mobile first". Therefore, its usage on mobile is intuitive and the information is conveniently displayed.

Agily user interface is consistent on all displays: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Navigate in Agily through the top menu on large screens or through the burger menu on the top right corner on smartphones: access to your Home... Goals... Playbooks... Messages... Invite a colleague and more options.

Bruno Vinel