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Agily team goal management app at Water Innovation Competition final

Register to attend the live heat in front of 5 Jury members from across the water sector:

  • Richard Price, Director of Engineering & Construction, Southern Water*
    Terry Muckian, Sector Director, Skanska UK
    Pete Aspley, Wholesale Service Delivery Director, South Staffs Water
    Stuart Mobbs, Technical Director, Hydrosave
    Jonathan Abra, Water Theme Lead, KTN*

Come and join the audience of 30-40 water professionals and discover the benefits of Agily app unveiled through recent pilots!

About Agily:

Agily is an award winning collaborative team goal management app improving organisational alignment, business agility and competitiveness.

Energy companies and water utilities are facing significant challenges to grow their businesses all whilst reducing costs and improving return for investors and customers. To take-up this challenge, managers need to modernise their leadership style by encouraging autonomy, teamwork, positive feedback and mentoring.

Whilst a digital revolution is taking place in most businesses, managers remain poorly equipped so Agily app comes in handy to focus the efforts of dispersed teams and strengthen their collaboration - internally as well as across the value chain - so as to improve business performance. Agily makes mobile teamwork more efficient and meaningful.

Agily is available as a web app on www.agily.io, iOS app and Android beta app from the respective app stores.

Press contact: virginie.vinel@agily.io - Phone +44 7494 56 36 26

Bruno Vinel