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Improving an water utility operational team performance

User story

70% of my team is mobile, dispersed across 4 sites, 2 shifts and organisations - many partners deliver the contract components so team leadership is rather complex. Recently, I was set a goal to improve my team efficiency and adopted Agily. Everyone is now on the same page whether in the office or in the field, day or night shift, employed with us or contracted in!

The team cohesion has clearly been reinforced and we all work smarter towards a common goal.

Usage outline

All field engineers have smartphones for security reasons so it was easy to deploy an app within days. This is how we use the app:

  • With Agily, our operational performance and service incentive mechanism targets are shared across the team: team leaders create and monitor goals accordingly.
  • They delegate goals to employees and contractors from 3 different organisations across the value chain.
  • As work progresses and on a daily basis, team members tick off actions and update metrics associated with their goals.
  • Weekly check-ins with the team and clients are now done using dynamic playbooks.
  • We also track specific ad-hoc project milestones on a daily basis within the app using goals with actions.


Agily has definitely improved the way we work together as a team and with our clients.

I am impressed by the flexibility and dynamism of the app which helps us stay on top of our operational targets as well as other financial and compliance targets.

Our staff and contractors across the value chain instantly share feedback and collaborate much more closely.

No one needs to return to the office after a long shift to report work progress so our engineers spend more time working in the field. Their inputs feed straight into the reports so it saves me approximately 3 hours per week compiling data from emails and spreadsheets. As a result, I have more time to lead and support my team, the aspect of my job I enjoy most!

The dynamic playbooks equip me to deliver clients updates in real-time, from anywhere. Managerial decisions are captured and tracked on-the-fly, with some key results under each goal. This helps me reinforce the team accountability.

Overall, the app has promoted transparency across all actors of the team reinforced everyone’s engagement and improved the client service level.

Bruno Vinel
Co-founder, Agily3 Ltd

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Bruno Vinel