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Create a template

A goal template is similar to another goal. It is used to create goals without manually entering all the information. Templates are displayed under a separate tab "Templates".

To create a template, navigate to the "Templates" tab in the "Goals", and click on the Button Add image icon button.

Complete the fields in the same way as to create a goal. Refer to the instructions to create a goal.

Share your template with other users, by adding them to the Viewers list or across your organisation.

Once completed, click on the button "Create Template".

Your template will be displayed under the "Templates" tab in the "Goals". You can then create other goals using the template, by clicking on the Plus icon.

Note:  All actions within the template will be duplicated into the goal created using the template however, Metrics will not be duplicated.

Note:  Templates are "owned" by the person who created them.  If you use someone's template to create a new goal, please remember to amend the delegate information to yours.