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Create your company

Before creating a new company in Agily, please check that you are authorised to do so since you are agreeing on behalf of your company to:

  • Accept our terms and conditions.
  • Accept that some of your company information will be stored in the cloud on our hosted servers.
  • Accept that your employees may share some of your company information with colleagues or third parties using Agily.
  • Your employees may express their opinion and feedback visible by part or all the employees of the company and/or third parties using Agily.
  • Commit to pay the subscription fees once the trial period ends.

Visit your profile page (under the More menu) https://app.agily.io/profile/me

Select the Tab Organisation

Organisation tab

Click on the button Create New Organisation.

Complete the information on the following screen:

Create company screen
  1. Company short name or title.
  2. Company legal name.
  3. Company registration number.
  4. Company VAT registration number.
  5. Industry.
  6. Email domain names: enter the name following the @ in your email address, for instance "agily.io". If you have multiple email domain names, add them.

Note: employees of your company will join your company in Agily based on their verified professional email address which has to match your company email domain name.

Click on the button Create Organisation.

Select your organisation under the Tab Organisation.