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Duplicate a goal

Create a new goal by duplicating an existing one. This is an effective way to create a new goal using the information entered for the previous one, and for instance to delegate it to your colleague.

To duplicate a goal, click on the more icon icon on the right of the goal card. The menu is displayed as illustrated below:

More menu on the browser version

more menu on the browser version

More menu on the iOS version

more menu on the iOS app

Click on Duplicate and the new goal will be created based on the previous one.

With the exception of the metric values and comments, the duplicated goal information will be copied into the new one. Actions will be duplicated as well.

Edit and modify the goal; delegate the goal to someone else.

When you are finished, click on the button “Create Goal” to create your goal.

You will be able to update the actions and to enter new metrics.