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Encouraging cross-generational collaborations

User story

Our Managers are going through a tough time: they have to deliver extra productivity whilst at the same time they needing to recruit, train and retain an entire new generation of employees, who are asking for more coaching and mentoring.


Agily was promoted and adopted as part of a leadership programme in order to improve organisational alignment, collaboration across functions and to support Managers in their day-to-day job.

We selected Agily app as it offers great flexibility and breadth:

  • Managers monitor multiple goals in the same app: operational, financial, compliance and health and safety;
  • Goals are set up and delegated top-down or shared bottom-up;
  • Goals are shared and broken down into milestones, and delegated across different departments;
  • Goal updates are provided in real-time and check-ins supported by dynamic reports;
  • Collaboration and feedback - through comments and likes - are at the core of the app.


Since we adopted Agily, we moved from annual performance appraisals - looking back in the rear-mirror - to a forward looking and continuous process of performance improvement, at individual and team level.

Agily has helped our managers save time in reporting, modernise their leadership and stay on top of their challenges. Team engagement has been re-inforced; the app regularly fuels numerous off-line discussions across team members, teams and generations. The new recruits feel they have a clearer idea of their contribution towards coporate strategy/goals and it motivates them substantially. So, overall our employees are more empowered and feel better acknowledged.

Bruno Vinel
Co-founder, Agily3 Ltd

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Bruno Vinel