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Facilitate critical employee/manager conversations

In April, I was contracted to coach a middle manager, from a public authority. Eight sessions were agreed. Fees were paid. My coachee was restless for career change. Her line manager was encouraging, and happily released the budget. We talked extensively about his supportiveness. It was a strange coaching experience. Attempts to clarify her thinking were hard work.

Re-aligning employees with their managers

This episode got me thinking (again!) about the quality of line manager/employee conversations. It is well-documented that such interactions should be aligned with the business strategy. Line managers must be adept at translating it into individual targets, which also dovetail with those of the wider team.

The art of conversations

The dialogue itself should be respectful, adult-to-adult, and facilitate two-way feedback. Robust employee engagement results, carrying all the benefits of both transactional and emotional buy-in. It’s neither new, nor rocket science.

What then, is missing? Why does disengagement still occur? One possibility is that neither party is sufficiently attuned to one another, frequently enough, and to the right level. There is still a heavy reliance on business traditions like annual appraisals, and staff surveys, to get to the heart of what everyone is really thinking.

HR intelligence fuels talent development

It is possible to use a simple structure or system to enable frequent ‘touch base’ connection between colleagues. Whilst strengthening relationships, this approach also generates invaluable data about existing, and emergent, learning and development issues – key ingredients of any employee engagement imperative, and impactful performance management.

I recently reviewed Agily, a new and promising cloud solution HR can use to manage team objectives and monitor progress in real time. Dynamic reports support regular conversations between Managers and their team members. Everyone can see how effort and outcome connect and celebrate contributions. A leap towards improved employee engagement!

Angela Goldberg
Assessment, Coaching and Management Development Consultant

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