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How to choose between a project or a goal management solution?

Project management tools - e.g. Trello, Wrike, Asana, Basecamp - are great to manage the workload of dispersed teams, but not so much to align teamwork with the business objectives, drive the business growth or engage a team that’s working very hard autonomously and in the field.

T. Nautin, McKinsey Paris highlighted how important organisational alignment is for businesses:

“Bringing meaningful purpose, practical strategies, and goals together makes an organisation's aspirations more credible - and more likely to be achieved.”

New team productivity software as a service solutions (SaaS), such as Agily mobile app, can not only optimises mobile teamwork productivity but makes teamwork more meaningful. They allow you to:

  • Align their actions with the company-wide, departmental or team strategic goals and see their personal contribution towards the big picture.
  • Check work progress in real-time and call for help earlier than later. No more teamwork skidding and mobile worker isolation.
  • Support team meetings with dynamic reports, called “playbook”. Everyone focuses on the future with forecasts rather than on the past, only discussing work completed.

If you need to align and motivate your mobile teams the answer is clear: it is a goal management solution you need rather than a project management solution.

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Bruno Vinel