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CX TRANSFORMATION: A customer-centric approach

We help clients design and implement stellar customer experience

Managers often need help to encourage their teams to adopt a customer-centric approach and to successfully optimise the Customer Experience (CX).

Such complex change requires:

  • Unveiling your customers' needs
  • Adopting an innovative approach, collaborative working and new tools or training methods
  • Leadership drive, strong team engagement and first-class programme management.

To become a customer-centric organisation, discover Agily activate©, an innovative business transformation programme, powered by our proprietary Agily team productivity software.

Typical outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding of the customer problems, needs and expectations to create stronger value propositions.
  • Improved customer care culture, practices and alignment on customer experience across your organisation.
  • Changes in behaviors: more customer-focused and collaborative thinking.
  • More revenue opportunities, loyalty, referrals and more.

Companies delivering a top class customer experience achieve a revenue 2.4 times higher compared to organisations in the first three quantiles.
Medially Analysis research

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Virginie Vinel Kolovos MCIM - Marketing & Business Dev. Director

Virginie has +25 years experience designing marketing strategies for technology corporates, SMEs and researchers and hundreds of international campaigns delivered by her tactical team. She develops lasting partnerships for companies, accelerators and trade associations, currently for Horizon2020 SME instrument programme as a SMEs coach and for the Future Water Association (http://www.futurewaterassocation.com/) as a Board Director.

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Virginie Vinel