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Improving the delivery of innovation initiatives

User story

Innovation is critical to grow our business and deliver the efficiencies needed. In practice, I lead many open-innovation initiatives involving team members from various functions and organisations located on sites that are very distant geographically, often beyond our borders. To successfully deliver all initiatives, I deployed Agily to share objectives and progress, and improve collaboration within our organisation and across the value chain.


We have developed a standard approach for each scouted innovation:

  • We invite the relevant members of our staff from different departments or functions, external contractors - e.g. technical consultants - and partners from academia to join an ad-hoc team that contributes towards the project evaluation, testing and delivery.
  • Initiatives are broken down into goals and key results delegated across each project team.
  • Milestones delivery and pilot performance metrics are entered daily and monitored in real time.
  • The team discusses work progress on a weekly basis checking first each goal traffic light colour. Particular attention goes to those in red and orange.


Progress updates and feedback are extremely easy with Agily: I can see at a glance if the innovation initiatives are on track or need my attention.

Our decisions are documented and shared across the different departments so all the initiative participants - as well as anyone of our choice within the company - are on the same page.

Virginie Vinel MCIM
CEO, Agily3 Ltd

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