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Innovation in Management: agile goal management

PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 15/1/2016

Much has been published about the "Management of Innovation" but less about "Innovation in Management". Yet new digital technologies fuel innovations in management theories and practice, particularly in the area of organisational alignment and business performance improvement.

Cambridge Cleantech Finance Special Interest Group (SIG) will be looking at Funding Opportunities on 25 January 2016 and Bruno Vinel, Agily CEO will outline how you can adopt an agile goal management approach with individuals and teams to improve your business performance which includes the financials aspects.

“MIT Sloan School reckons agile businesses deliver 29% higher earnings per share and 8% higher revenue growth compared to other businesses (Ref. 1). This is why more and more businesses - many beyond ICT - are switching to a more agile approach for goals management.” commented Mr Vinel.

Event attendees will receive the "Lead by alignment" white paper, allowing C-level execs and their Managers to move from the theory to the practice of organisational alignment in just three steps. To attend the event, simply register on the Cleantech Cambridge Registration Page (http://goo.gl/uOn2Wp)

About Agily:

Founded in 2015, Agily3 Limited is a startup headquartered in London (UK) that developed Agily, a mobile solution optimising the Organisational Alignment and improving business competitiveness and growth.

Agily methodology and the mobile solution are based on the co-Founders' combined experience of more than 50 years, half of which was spent in cleantech, managing dispersed teams and projects internationally.

More information is located at www.agily.io

Press contact:

Virginie Vinel, Agily3 Limited


+44 20 3286 4042

Ref. 1 Business Agility Portfolio, MIT Sloan School, 2006.