Our services aim to transform your business, customer experience and workplace so you can lead your very own high-performance company.  

Enterprises and mid-size companies request our support to align People, Process and Technology initiatives to successfully and swiftly execute your strategy.

The business transformation support is available to Accelerators and technology incubators as well as to CEOs and Directors, Innovation and Open Innovation Directors working in the water, energy and electronics industries.

Assignments are delivered as packaged solutions and bespoke coaching assignments as well as interim management and business turnaround services in three key transformation areas: business, customer experience and workplace.

Packaged solutions

Agily activate© business transformation programme to enhance CX or to develop a Go-to-Market strategy
1-day strategy execution workshop
3-months innovation coaching
Malcolm McDonald Academy online training "6 steps to a Quantified Value Proposition"

Bespoke solutions

We also design bespoke solutions covering the following areas:

Business transformation
Corporate strategy
Strategy execution
Innovation commercialisation
Performance improvement
Business process optimisation
Digital solution architecture and development

Customer Experience transformation
B2B Go-to-Market strategy
Segmentation strategy
Quantified value propositions
Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Marketing performance improvement
Marketing automation

Workplace transformation
Leadership strategies to improve millennial and remote team engagement
Goal setting
Organisational development
Digital transformation

If you wish to receive more information about our packaged or bespoke solutions, please contact us.