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Technical and security considerations

Updated: 2nd of August 2017

Agily (the ‘Solution’) is a team productivity solution offered as Software as a Service. It is provided by Agily3 Limited - 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom.

Accessibility, data security and service continuity are critical for our customers. We have carefully assessed risks and addressed them at different levels of our solution development and provision.


  • The Solution is offered as web-app accessible via a web browser on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop with connection to internet, at the following URL address: https://app.agily.io
  • The Solution is compatible with the following browsers: Android stock browser (Webkit based), Chrome, Firefox 7 and above, iOS browser, Internet Explorer 8 and above, Safari 4 and above, Desktop Opera, Mobile Opera.
  • The Solution is fully responsive and reactive.
  • An iOS app is available for download at Apple iTunes App store.
  • An Android app is available for download at Google Play store.

Service continuity

  • The Solution cloud hosting architecture is designed to be robust and scalable. We are monitoring servers usage and performance and can provision additional resources in a short period of time.
  • Our cloud hosting provider (Amazon Web Services) offers us a service availability of at least 99.95%.
  • Our Service Level Agreement is detailed as part of our service contract.

Data storage and preventing unauthorised access

  • Data are stored within the E.U. (Ireland).
  • Back-ups are performed every night.
  • Secured Socket Layer connection is implemented between the clients and the server to ensure that data is encrypted over the Internet.
  • Data access is controlled at client level by enforcing policies in the code and limiting the access through adequate authentication and authorization processes.
  • Users control the access to the data they publish in the Solution. They delegate and share goals, and share messages with other users on the platform, either by selecting individual users or sharing their goals across their organisation. They can revoke the access at any time.
  • At server level, Virtual Private Cloud is in place controlling internet access and restricting the database access through rules and policies.
  • Various critical lines of defence are used by the application to ensure that the data stored at client level is completely safe.
  • Agily and our hosting service provider employees are not authorised to access to our client data. Only the users can give our support team access to their data through the application (by sharing their goals with us or sending us a message).

Solution administration

  • Organisations and users are set-up by Agily support team or by the users themselves.
  • Users can sign up themselves on the Solution at the URL address: https://app.agily.io/register.
  • Users create their own profile and update it within the Solution.
  • We invite users to sign up with their professional email. Emails are automatically verified.
  • Based on their professional email, users are invited to join their organisation. It is a requirement to create and share goals.
  • Users can invite other users within the organisation or outside (clients, contractors, providers, etc.) to collaborate within the Solution through an in-app referral process.
  • Users and organisation administration can be performed by Agily support team on request of our client IT team.
  • From time to time, our client IT team can request Agily support team to provide a list of the users signed on the solution.


  • Solution support is provided through:
  • Our support website at the URL address: https://www.agily.io/support
  • Via email to our address: support@agily.io
  • Support is provided Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 6:00pm BST except on UK Bank holidays.
  • We are offering a ‘concierge service’ to our customers to help them on-boarding their users on the platform and training them via sessions on site or through web conferencing.
  • Additional consulting and coaching service can be provided on request.

The Service is provided “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind whatsoever. Agily3 Limited reserves the rights to make changes and updates to the Service at any time without notice. Agily3 Limited does not warrant that any Service will satisfy the Customer requirements, that any Service is without defect, error free or without delay, or that the operations of any Service will be uninterrupted. Agily3 Limited is under no obligation to provide any support, maintenance releases, updates or new versions of the Service.

Bruno Vinel