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Update a goal

You can update a goal as long as you are the owner of the goal (the user who created it) and/or the delegate.

To update a goal, under the Goal tab, click on the edit icon icon on the right of the goal card. The form is displayed as per the illustrations below (mobile version):

Create a goal - Top of the screen

create a goal image

Create a goal - bottom of the screen

create a goal image

Update the required fields following the instructions below:

    1. Title: Give a title to your goal. The title is limited to 30 characters.
    2. Description: Describe what you want to achieve and how it will be measured. Tip: you can paste an URL link to a reference document stored in the cloud.
    3. Start and end date: for metric-based goals, once metric values are entered, you cannot modify the start date. Only the end date can be changed.
    4. Categories: Enter one or multiple categories to classify your goal, any previously used will be suggested. Categories are useful to search for goals. Tip: Start typing the first characters of the category and Agily will suggest you existing categories. Select a category from the list or create your own categories. You can enter multiple categories. After each category, press 'enter'. See an example in the illustration below:
      select a category from a list
    5. Delegate: by default you are the person responsible to deliver the goal. You can delegate it to someone else. Note that a delegate cannot delegate a goal to someone else. This is reserved to the goal owner.Click on the cross icon icon to remove the delegate name. Enter the name of the new delegate. Tip: on a smartphone press the plus icon icon. A new window is displayed:
      select a category from a list
      Type the first characters of the name in the field (a) and Agily will suggest you existing users. Select the user (b).
      If the name doesn't appear in the list, it means that the person is not yet an user of Agily. Save your goal andinvite your colleague to join Agily. Once they have signed up, you will be able to edit the goal and delegate it to them.
  • Reporter: by default you are the person responsible to report the goal progress (update the metric values). You can delegate this activity to someone else. Tip: Follow the same process as for selecting a delegate.
  • Additional viewers: you can give rights to view your goal to your team members, your manager, someone else contributing to your objectives.Tip: Follow the same process as for selecting a delegate.
  • Everyone in your organisation: select this option if you want to invite everyone in your company to see your goal.
  • Progress type: select 'Metric-based' to associate a goal with a performance metric, or 'Actions-based' for a goal composed of multiple actions. 
    For metric-based goals only:
  • Metric unit: indicate the metric used to measure the progress. It will be displayed next to the graph. For instance: 'Unit', '£’000' or 'hours'.
  • Frequency: for metric-based goals only, once metrics values are entered, the frequency cannot be modified.
  • Data supplier: you can provide reference to the source of the data, a report name for instance. Tip: you can paste an URL link to a document stored in the cloud.
  • Thresholds (for bargraph colours): those selectors will allow you to customise the progression bar behaviour on the goal compact card. You can change the thresholds for the colour change by entering a different percentage. The switch allows you to select whether the higher is the better (a sales target for instance), or the lower is the better (a cost budget or a number of injuries for instance).

Once you have proceeded with the changes, press the button 'Update'. Your changes are saved.



  • If you change the goal type from 'metric-based' to 'actions-based' you will loose all the metric values previously entered.
  • By pressing the button 'Back', you can cancel the changes before pressing the button 'Update'.
  • Once the button 'Update' is pressed there is no way to revert the changes.