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Update goal metric values

Only the goal owner, delegate or reporter can edit metric values.

To enter new metric values, click on the goal card you want to update and on the button “Show data” below the graph.

Goal with metric - Graphic view

goal with metric graph

Goal with metric - Table view

goal with metric table

Enter the metrics in the table and press the button 'Update Values'.


  • Target values correspond to the objective to be achieved in the case of a "the higher the better" goal or not to be exceeded for a "the lower the better" goal.
  • Actual values correspond to the current performance.
  • Forecast values correspond to the forecasted values. Forecast values can be regularly updated to provide an indication on where you expect to land in the future. Updating regularly your forecast helps focussing the discussions in the future rather than in the past.
  • Cumulated or non cumulated values? Think twice: what is the best way to represent your progression? Cumulated values like in the graph 1 or as non cumulated values like in the graph 2 below? This decision will depend of the type of objective and if the progress is measured ultimately with the landing at the end of the goal period, or on a period by period basis (eg monthly).

    Graph 1 - Cumulated values - Company Sales

    graph cumulated values

    Graph 2 - Non cumulated values - Sales Qualified Leads

    graph non cumulated values


Entering actual values from the detailed goal card:

The 'quick entry' feature allows you to enter quickly an actual metric for a specific period. Click on the quick entry icon icon on the top right of the graph. 

  1. Select the period. By default the date of the next period to be completed is selected.
  2. Enter the actual value.
  3. Provide a comment on the value or to explain the variance compared to previous period and to target.

Press the 'Set' button and the information will be immediately displayed on the graph. The additional comment will be displayed below the graph.

quick entry screen